13 June 2016

A Storm Within


A STORM WITHIN (An Eternal Bonds Series Novel #1)
There's something dark lurking in the dreams of the students at Calvary High. AUBRIE MARSHALL thought his last year of High School would be filled with memories to last him a lifetime.
Instead, he’s learning his friends are his only salvation, the decisions he has to make could destroy
everything he’s ever known, and the only solution lies within him. MAKAYLA QUINN just wanted to get through her senior year without ‘guy drama’ and to mend things with Aubrie, her best friend.
Believing he was her soul mate she’s now put to the test by another love interest fighting for her attention.
With the two boys confusing her every step of the way… Can she figure things out or will she lose them both? Will they be able to weather the storms or will they lose the battle
with the darkness lurking from within?


Top Customer Reviews

***** By Summer Girl on May 29, 2016
For her debut novel, C. Tuttle gave us an interesting take on the typical teenage angst, and I found it QUITE enjoyable! Aubrie, Paige, and Makayla have been friends since kindergarten, and now, on the cusp of graduating high school, find themselves faced with not only the uncertainty of the future, the ever changing emotional upheavals of their relationships with one another, but also with the unpredictable forces of Nature.Part coming of age story, part supernatural story, part new adult, A Storm Within is a fun and unique read and I can't wait to read the next one!

***** By Rebecca Moree on June 3, 2016
When I first heard about A Storm Within I was pretty well hooked. The premise for this book is so unique and fun! I'm not normally big on teen books, not sure why...I guess it's just not my thing. However, I knew I was going to be reading this one! While the characters constantly switching attitudes and repeated cheating drove me mad...it was accurate. It was the life of a teen. It was real.


These characters are developed so beautifully that after only a few chapters I felt like I knew them. I may not exactly like them...I mean come on who really likes a cheater? but I knew who they were, I knew what they wanted, I even knew what their fears were. Put simply: they are good characters. I ADORE a book that can drag me in so deep that I have such strong feelings and reactions to the characters! Trust me when I say that C. Tuttle pulled that off and more. I spent the majority of this book screaming at my kindle trying to figure out what in the world these characters were thinking! The relationship between Brie and Kayla is breath-taking....and annoying as crap! If you two love each other so much...well stop being douches to one another dang it!! It's not that hard I promise! (See what I mean about getting emotional over the characters! I felt like I was back in high school standing between two of my friends that were constantly making bad choices when it came to their relationship.) Okay..moving on from my love-hate relationship with the characters. All you need to know is that they are extremely well developed, have wonderfully individual voices that let you know who each one is and what their personalities are...basically these characters are REAL! They come across as someone you may have gone to school with and just didn't know.


About the Author:

C. Tuttle is a resident of Upstate NY where she enjoys the beautiful scenery and the wonderful people.
Moving here almost ten years ago, she has explored many of what NYS has to offer, from the amazing mountain views of the Adirondacks to the breathtaking skyline views of the city.
She draws inspiration from her surroundings and all the people she meets in transit. She works for an ambulance agency that covers portions of Central New York and beyond.
She’s been an EMT for close to ten years and enjoys the everyday grind of helping people and knowing she can help make a difference in people’s lives.


Links to Social Media:

Facebook : www.facebook.com/ctuttleauthor  Twitter : @ctuttleauthor  Instagram : ctut_author  Goodreads : http://bit.ly/1Q2aLrY C.  Tutle's Page on The Owl Branch Book Promotions: http://www.theowlbranch2015.net/#!blank-8/xwrec


Favorite Color & Hobby: 
My favorite color is Royal Blue. I have many hobbies! I love to hike, be out in nature, read books (a given), photography (I have my own company – MinionImages), color in adult coloring books…. And of course writing! Bringing characters alive, whether its in a short story or a book, I love to get to know the characters that come to me and learn their story. I love comics (Batman is my favorite) and usually Netflix – NCIS, Arrow, Gotham, and Law & Order: SVU – on rainy days.


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