05 October 2018

The MacBrides - Hannah and Ash by J.L. Petersen

Hannah was proud to be part of the MacBride clan. She loved her family, their land and her lavender. 

When she found a love she'd wished for all her life on a trip to Paris she thought she had it all. But hidden circumstances separated them leaving her back home with an unexpected reminder of her brief love affair. 

When Ash shows up on their ranch she is torn between wanting to share all her joy with him and afraid to trust him to love her, not just their child.

J.L. Petersen lives in Denver with her husband.

She finds inspiration in her adopted state of Colorado and her belief love is the most powerful, positive emotion we can experience.


Reaching for her hand, he pulled her a little closer. “Nothing is ever more important than spending time with you.” 
Oh man, this was the Ash she fell in love with. Whoa. She meant this was the Ash she was starting to fall in love with before she realized he kept big secrets. Bringing herself back to reality she tried to push away the warmth his touch and words brought forth. She needed to remind both of them what this was really about. 
“Ash, you don’t have to say things like that. We’ll work this out somehow when the baby arrives.” If she didn’t know better, she could’ve sworn he looked hurt before anger took hold. He yanked her hand and pulled her flush with his body. 
“Don’t. Don’t ever think I’m giving you a line. I may not have told you everything, but I never lied to you and I won’t now. If I say something you can take it to the bank.” 
Angry now herself, she tried to put some distance between them but he wouldn’t budge. “You lied to me about… about…” 
“Yeah? What was that again? What did I lie to you about?” He snarled. 
“Damn you, lying by omission is still lying. You were engaged to another woman when you made love to me. You knew I thought you were free.”  
“I was free, damn you. I told you I’d broken it off before I came to Paris. I never lied by words or lack thereof.” 
Hannah was too confused and had too many emotions swirling inside her to think straight. And when Ash smashed his lips to hers all thoughts flew straight out of her head. Her body betrayed her and arched into his. So, long. It had been so long since she’d felt this way. Shaking her hand free of his, she wrapped both around his neck and opened her mouth. 
Ash’s anger vanished the moment Hannah’s sweet body moved into his. She’d struggled to release his hand, sending panic along his spine that she’d turn from him. But when her arms went around his neck and her mouth opened to his prodding tongue the world righted itself again. This was the woman he’d craved in Paris.

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