27 June 2019

The Australian Billionaire by Britney M Mills

Britney Mills was born in Utah but parts of her heart lie in Boston, Washington D.C. and Germany. Her love of writing began with the third grade book her teacher assigned her to write and she spent hours hidden behind her mother's couch writing pages and pages about knights and castles. Now she writes about romance. Go figure.

When she's not mothering her 4 small children, writing or reading, she's probably out playing a sport, going on a hike, or binge watching a murder mystery series. The way to her heart is through homemade chocolate chip cookies and five minutes peace.

A self-made billionaire, his real estate agent and three weeks to find the right property.
Jackson Walker hasn't had the best family life. Growing up in the foster system in Australia, it wasn’t until he met his college football coach that he understood what a normal family looked like. When he gets the call that Coach has passed away, he returns to California for the funeral and to find a place to honor the man. 

Hailey Montgomery threw herself into real estate soon after breaking up with her boyfriend nearly five years ago. She’s been working to build a name for herself and when the chance to make partner at her firm becomes available, she jumps at the chance. But the only way to achieve that distinction is to find a commercial property for the guy she’s nicknamed ‘Golden Boy’ from all the stories her father told about him. 

As spending time together brings them closer, the trust between them is called into question. Can they work through what’s happened in their individual pasts to create a relationship that will last?


. “Mom, please tell me what’s going on. Why are we here, and who is restarting the bookstore?”
The answer set Hailey back on her heels, blindsided by the revelation. “What do you mean, Jackson? He’s back in Australia. Why would he care about this space?”
“Because he loves you. He’s been trying to think of a way to show you, and this was his answer.”
“Did you tell him to do this?” Hailey felt irritation well up, hoping she wasn’t betrayed by her mother after the Avery situation.
Shaking her head, her mother said, “No. I haven’t talked to him in a few weeks. He contacted me today and said to bring you over.”
Hailey tried to figure out why he would have decided to do this. The only time she’d been here with him was that first day of property hunting, when she’d told him about the outings with her mother.
“What did he name it?” Her throat had gone dry, making her voice sound more scratchy than she was used to.
“Head outside and see.”

Without waiting, Hailey took long strides across the room and pushed at the glass door. Turning, she saw two men revealing a covering from the sign. Once the paper was gone, she gasped. “Montgomery’s Bookstore” shone back at her in a bright blue.

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