10 December 2019

Book Review: Mirrro: at Weird Way Ward by Manoj Kumar Sharma

About the Book: This is a dystopian story set in India in the 2030s, where we the Nation have grown significantly; but problems like rape, alcoholism, drug consumption, and many others remain amaranthine.

This story is also about an unconventional lover who is helpless because of the circumstances of his life.

And, this story is definitely about how to overcome these demons and wakeup in a new dawn.

Title: Mirrro: at Weird Way Ward (Social Fiction / Urban Fiction)
Author: Manoj Kumar Sharma
Publish Date: 4 November 2019
Publisher: Notion Press
Format: Paperback and Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 372
Purchase Links: Amazon USA | Amazon India Flipkart

The protagonist Indo, is a flawed human, who loves his fiancée and grandmother immensely, however, a single unfortunate crime incident changed worsened his life forever further. Indo and his family continue to suffer for over a decade as the perpetrators are never caught and no justice is served in their case. The book tells us the story of Indo, and through it, the author tells the story of so many of us who are not only victims of crime but also victims of lacking justice.
I was hypnotized by the flow and writing style of the author from the very first page. The pace of the book is fast and steady. Without giving any spoiler, I can surely say that the author used some uncongenial ways to portray societal views. This particular approach is very interesting and quite rare. I can surely say that readers will enjoy the excitement of unpredictability till the end and nobody could have predicted the end twist. It is simply brilliant.

The character of the protagonist's character is well developed and quite relatable. His pains, agonies, and desperation are heart touching through the author’s words. The most interesting character in the book is Indo’s grandmother. Her name in the book is also very unique, just like her character. She is strong yet vulnerable. She is truly like her name. Indo’s fiancée character is realistic and relatable; she could be any one of us. All the characters in this story are very relatable, realistic and interesting beyond any predictions.

The only thing is that don’t judge a book by its cover.

Overall, this is a very interesting and gripping book, and nobody will feel bored reading even one page. I strongly recommend reading this book.


Why read this Book?

Creative People from the Book world (Readers, Authors, Creative Writers, and Reviewers), TV & Cinema, Media, would love this book for its unique CONTENT….precisely speaking some fresh, new, innovative CONTENT. MIRRRO is a surprising delight for all creative people, so, witnesses a story which never ever happened in our Life Time….

Author Bio:

He is born & brought up and in Bhilai, Durg (Chattisgarh).  Did his schooling from Bhilai and loves to take part in various competitions (Story, Poetry, Essay, Debates, etc). And those experiences shadowed the Author many years till MIRRRO happened.  He pursued a professional carrier as Civil Engineer after graduation from Engineering College, Raipur. He worked in various organizations for more than 20 years, however, while all those years working as a Civil Engineer, the childhood aspirations for creativity shadowed the Author. 

Meanwhile in the year 2000, out of a craving for literary creativity, he started writing something or other things, which was not so structured and directionless. Then again started writing in the year 2012, but, was never ever consistent.

Then after retirement aggregated everything hibernating in my mind & few haphazardly lying written-pieces.....finally MIRRRO born...

As an overview, the Author believes that Writing is a Soulful Act, processed by Shri Maa Sarasvatiji & Muse....not by the Author.

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