05 February 2020

Book Review: And So Can You!

About the Book:

‘And So Can You!’ is a collection of seventeen short stories of doctors. Each story talk about doctors from various background, ethnicity, age, who struggled with challenges, overcome various obstacles, and came out as a winner, as one thing was common in all of them, and that is their faint in themselves and their dream.

This book talks about inspirational successes and motivates us towards Personal Development & Self-Help

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My Thoughts:

Before I review this book, I felt it is my obligation to disclose; personally I do not like the motivational book. As I don’t like them, I have read very few books when comes to this genre. Hence, I tried to perceive the book in a different light, I thought it’s a collection of short stories; hence just read it thinking “it’s a storybook”.

After I finish the book, I actually felt so positive. The book has 17 stories, and we will somehow or the other will relate to them, even if we are, not doctors. All the stories depict different challenges of life and how it was overcome. Each story gives a wholesome idea about the person it was written about, that is why it is so easily relatable.

The language used in the book is very simple. From a teenage to a senior member of our society can easily understand.

The pace of the book and fast and steady, and not a point of time one can feel bored.

The book is written in a “to the point” manner. All the stories deliver their message in a direct manner. People who like more fancy and pungent story telling, may not able to relate to the book.

My final thought about the book is, it is a good book to read, both as a Personal Development & Self-Help and a collection of real life stories.


About the Author: 
Dr Roopleen is a Motivational Counselor, Speaker, blogger, life enthusiast, author of 4 books and has contributed to many   anthologies.

Roopleen is also an Eye Surgeon having super-specialized in Retina. She believes that though Ophthalmology is her profession, motivational counseling and writing remain her passion. A hard-core optimist and a die-hard advocate of positive thinking, Roopleen is passionate about living life to the full. Her ideology in life and her blood group happen to be the same: B-POSITIVE!

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