29 March 2020

Book Review: Together Never Forever by Amit Singh

About the Book:

‘Together Never Forever’ is the first novel by Amit Singh.  In his own words, he described the story as “Gyan and Amanshikha are two strangers brought together by the quirk of fate in strange circumstances. They have many obstacles to clear before they reach their destination. The challenges are many, but the answer is only one- UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.” 

The story revolves around Gyan and his never-ending search for true love. He finally found the person he was looking for so long and his journey afterward…

Title: Together Never Forever 
Genre: Romance
Author: Amit Singh
Sold by: Amazon Asia-Pacific Holdings Private Limited
Format:  Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 93
Purchase Links: Amazon India

My Thoughts: 

This is the debut novel of author Amit Singh. The story is about Gyan, a young writer, and social worker and how his infinite quest for love takes him to the divine scenarios of Himalaya. As such, the book is written from Gyan’s perspective.

The best part of ‘Together Never Forever’ is the plot. The story is refreshing and told in a linear way. The story is not cluttered with too many unnecessary characters.

Amanshikha’s character has a girl next door vibe, and though she doesn’t have as much of a role to play in the story as Gyan’s, still the reader will face no difficulty in understanding her or feel her pain. The author briefly, yet very accurately described how her character was constantly gaslighted by her husband. That one paragraph is so powerful to describe how horrible gaslighting is.

In one part of the book, both the main characters are communicating via letters and that part is amazingly portrayed. This is really a highlight of this book.

There are two things that I felt could have been improved in the book. First, I felt that Gyan’s character should have been developed a bit more. I would have liked to know more about him and why he made certain sudden decisions, which seems random to me. Secondly, the language of the book is very basic, which will appeal to young readers. However, for seasoned readers, the language may seem too basic. I hope the author improves this in his future books.

Overall it is a good book to read and enjoy. The length of the book is short and you can finish it at one go; hence making it ideal to read while traveling, lazy afternoons and anytime you looking for some romance. 

Author Bio:

Amit Singh is born in Patna, Bihar. His father is a retired police officer and he did not want Amit to experience the extra privilege life which police family gets in our society. He was in standard 4th when his father sent him in boarding, to CSKM Public School New Delhi; he stayed till 12th in the boarding. And later he went to Bengaluru to pursue MBA from Ramaiah Institute of Technology.

Amit is an entrepreneur. Since the time he has been a teenager, he had the mindset of “be a job creator instead of job seeker”. Writing is a passion for him. He always wanted to write and he uses scribble something on dairies. He started writing 4-5 years back. Writing means seeing the world from a different perspective, writing gives wings to his imaginations from where he experiences his life in the best possible way. Writing is a tool that introduces him to real Amit.

‘Tomorrow Never Forever’ happened because he felt love being compounded by the people around him or being misinterpreted. He wanted to tell his feelings about love to all. Love is the only way to experience the bliss and satisfaction of our life and love has the power to make this world the best place to live.

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