04 July 2020

Book Review: Gangs of Social Media by Vasimraja Bhavikatti

About the Book:

'Gangs of Social Media' is a mirror of our present situation all over the world. Our lives are taken over by Social Media and we are a slave to our apps. And one of the most poisonous side effects of social media is Fake News. 

The story reveals how India’s one and only Forensic Cyber Psychologist, Professor Fabulous is summoned by the National Cyber Defense of India to hunt down the mastermind behind a cyber-attack on social media users who intentionally or unintentionally spread fake news. 

Fake news is spread in the name of freedom of speech and driven by blind emotion, all social media users are guilty of sharing, forwarding, tweeting fake unverified information. 

In a desperate race against time, Professor Fabulous encounters online scammers, cyber hacktivist gangs, paid trolls, Social Media business executives, Politicians, Cybersecurity Start-ups, and a forgotten victim of fake news before the mastermind reveals his motive behind the cyber-attack.

Will this be the end of fake news or the end of social media itself? 

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My Thoughts:

The book starts with a very unique premise of social media and its marriage to fake news. The book features characters for whom spreading fake news is just a time pass  and characters for whom it is a full-time business. The story also diverges into how poisonous social media trolling can be. 

The first few chapters helped to develop the thrilling part of the story and may seem a little slow; however, it is a very much-needed pillar for the climax of the book.

The two main characters of the book are Mr. Rajput and Professor Fabulous, who are polar opposite in nature and it is a treat to read their conversation and underline tension.

The climax of the book is surprising and hinted for a sequel. I am personally very eager to know what happens next. 

Teenagers and young adults will find the book really good. And they will love the concept. However, for more seasoned readers, the language of the book will probably seem very basic.

The readers don’t get to know much about Mr. Rajput and Professor Fabulous, hopefully, the next will cover that.

Overall the book did justice with its genre and a fun book to read.


About The Author: 

Vasimraja was born on 29th February 1984, in India.  He currently lives in San Francisco Bay Area, California USA. He started reading fiction novels at the age of eight after overhearing a story narration of Sherlock Holmes by his father. He grew up in different towns of Northern Karnataka State before his family relocated to Dharwad, the literature capital of Karnataka where he met celebrated playwright and author, Late Girish Karnad. He was greatly influenced by Karnad’s writing and personality.

Vasimraja works in the field of semiconductor engineering and has two patents on semiconductor memories. He is an avid reader of English, Kannada and Hindi literature.  He presents the most complex ideas in a very simple form, leaving a lasting impression on readers.

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