27 August 2020

Character Interview - Meet Brandon from Ready For The World by Charmeljun Gallardo

About The Book Series

Ready For The World - Driver’s Education:

Fifteen-year-old Brandon Delacruz’s wants are simple. He wants to be popular, drives a cool car, and has the girl of his dreams on his arm. Instead, he’ll have to settle for being on the honor roll, riding his ten-speed bike, and having his best friends, Josh and Ally beside him as they learn the ins and outs of high school.

But as Brandon begins to discover feelings for Ally, a tragedy occurs that changes their lives. And now, he’ll spend the rest of the year sorting through his complicated feelings and his uncertain relationship with Ally...all while keeping his grades up. Because unlike getting a driver’s license, life doesn’t offer a practice test. Brandon will have to rise and meet the challenges of the real world, whether he’s ready for it not.
Ready For The World - Superstar:
He has the girl, the grades, and now, a calling. Brandon Delacruz is going to write the next great novel and he isn’t even sixteen yet. It looks like 1987 is going to be his best year ever.
But his best year quickly turns into his most confusing. Because instead of one special girl in his life, there are two. There’s Ally, his childhood friend, and first love who has turned into the biggest enigma in his life. And then there’s Rachel, a brash and beautiful girl that’s as good a photographer as she is a pool player.
Brandon will learn that life can’t be easily rewritten or edited like a novel. But like mystery novels, things in life aren’t always what they seem. Like comedic books, life is often funny and hilarious. And like the best love stories, life has its share of twists and turns, ups and downs, that are filled with beauty, grace, and sometimes heartbreak.

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Character Interview

Hi Brandon! How are you doing today?
I’m good! Just hanging out. Although, I could really use a slice of pizza. Plain cheese with a shaker full of red pepper flakes right beside my plate...
Dang, I gotta call Josh after this and go grab a bite. Just talking about pizza is making my stomach growl.
Tell us 3 things about yourself that the readers do not know about.
1. My parents are huge Elvis Presley fans so I grew up listening to his music. I can even do a pretty good imitation of his singing voice.
2. I always wished I was handier. My buddy Josh can build a car from scratch and I can barely hammer a nail into a wall without bending it. 
3. Once when we were nine years old, Josh dared me and Ally to kiss. But before our lips touched, I chickened out and she ended up kissing me on the cheek. We lost the dare and had to buy Josh something from the ice cream man. And Ally seemed really mad about it at the time. Although I’m not sure why.
What are your future plans?
I know I wanna go to college after high school somewhere great like Harvard or Stanford, but I don’t know if I’m good enough. I mean, look at some of my friends like Ally or Amy or Rachel. Those guys are the real brains in our class.
But wherever I go, I think I wanna study English. I want to be a writer. I know that much.
If you had a free day with no responsibilities and you are only the mission was to enjoy yourself, what would you do?
I’ve never really had to chance to travel much. Unless you count all the times we drove to my Auntie Janet’s house in L.A., which I don’t...
So I think I’d want to travel. Just get into my car and drive for a while. There’s a lot of places I’ve never been just in California alone. I’d love to drive out to the mountains and get a whiff of the fresh air. Or maybe out to the desert to and see all the different colors of the sky.
But if there was one place I’d really like to visit, it would be San Francisco. I love city life. I love that it’s always cool there but not snowy. And there’s something about it that just speaks to me. It’s probably the writer in me, but it feels that San Francisco always has a story to tell and I wanna hear it. Maybe one day, I’ll be able to add mine to it.
And right now, both of their baseball teams are good, so there’s that...
If you could spend the day with someone you admire (living or dead or imaginary), who would you pick?
Wow. That’s a tough question. I can’t pick just one so I’ll pick two.
I’d hang with Magic Johnson and have him give me basketball lessons. I want to learn to see the game the way he does. It’s like he’s got eyes in the back of his head out there!
And I’d love to meet Steven Spielberg and see how a great storyteller tells his stories. His movies aren’t just movies, they’re experiences.
And maybe Cindy Crawford because...well, she’s Cindy Crawford...
What is your idea of perfect happiness? And, what is your current state of mind?
Besides Cindy Crawford, you mean? Sorry, just kidding...
I don’t know. I guess I’m okay. I mean, things aren’t too bad. Things could always be better. Things could be more clear and less confusing. She could be more clear and less confusing...
I think a perfect day would be sharing a tub of popcorn with someone special at a drive-in movie. We could huddle together with a nice toasty blanket wrapped around us. And after that, we could drive out to the mountains and look up at the stars.
Lastly, do you have any advice for todays teenagers from your experience?
Well, since I still am a teenager, I’m not sure what I can offer. I mean, I’m still trying to figure it all out too, you know?
But someone once told me that I should never be afraid to give my best effort. It doesn’t matter what it is, whether it’s school or sports. Prepare, practice, and push forward. Sometimes things will work out and sometimes they won’t, but at least you’ll learn what it takes to get to where you wanna go.

About the Author

Charmeljun Gallardo is a former Radiologist and author. His first book is Ready for the World young adult book series. He graduated from San Francisco State University with a Creative Writing degree in 1996. He is a writer, photography enthusiast, sports fan, movie geek, stroke survivor, and an adventurous foodie. He lives in San Diego, California with his wife and son. 

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