20 September 2020

Book Review: Never Fade Away by Chetan Batra

 About the Book

“What happened Yohan?” she asked I blurted out, “Can I kiss you?” …… A great relationship begins when two people who love each other and understand the bond they share for who they are created and what makes them unique from others. Yohan falls in love with Aditi, doesn’t want to slow things down so he confesses his love to Aditi, and she accepts it. After that their relationship goes through a lot of ups and downs, anyhow they always find different ways to love and support each other. The day comes when an unforeseen incident changes their life forever… Aditi is critical, and Yohan is in peril on its own, helpless. What happened that brought them here in this position? Will they both arise from the incident? Will, there lives come back to normal just like before? It is a heart-warming tale of love, hate, rejuvenation, and above all, justice to be served at any cost.

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Book Review

The story revolves around four friends; Aditi, Yohan, Vineet, and Ruchi, and various social issues, like eve-teasing to girl trafficking. There are various sub-plots in the story. The book also divings into current problems like rape, girl trafficking, corruption, sexual assault, and many more problems.

My Thoughts:

This book is definitely not a regular romance book. Though one of the main plots of the books is the love story between Yohan and Aditi, which is sweet, mature. The book also has a strong theme of a suspense drama, which I personally like a lot.  

Other than this, the characters seem real to me and how they behave is relatable. The narration of the book is good, and the pace is really fast.

The thing that I felt the author could have been done better is that some parts of the book need a much more detailed description. Especially in the mid chapters, the story seems to rush a lot. Personally, I wouldn't mind even if the book was 50 more pages, it would give a proper sense of the thing. 

Hopefully, in the future, readers will get much more seasoned work from Mr. Chetan Batra.

Overall, this is a good book to read and enjoy. 


About The Author

Chetan Batra is a law graduate, poet, blogger, and writer born and raised in Ludhiana, Punjab. 23-year old Chetan has a keen interest in crime fiction. Apart from writing he is a big fan of Bollywood and holds an extravagant dream to try his luck in film-making. His latest book titled, ‘Never Fade Away’, got released last year and received rave reviews from the readers.

Chetan is a true believer of destiny and always inspires people to opine the positive side of life.

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