01 January 2021

#BookReview From the garden into the glass: Preserving food - What every hobby gardener should know about planting, harvesting and preserving

About The Book

Successfully preserving food is something you can learn!

Home-preserved foods are treasure islands in a seemingly endless sea of supermarket produce. And just like treasure islands, good and proven recipes are hard to find and often require trial, error, and starting over. This book gives you proven methods and recipes to get you started right away!

Experience the joy of a well-stocked pantry - with fruits and vegetables from your own garden. With numerous recipes for every season, you'll have a lasting companion on hand and always a delicious jar of food in your pantry.

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My Thoughts

I just love to cook. For as long as I can remember, I always loved to cook. It started with making omelets and now I can proudly say that I can cook Indian, Chinese, continental, and many more.

When I first came across this book, I knew I have to read it. However, I was not sure what to expect from the book. Me or any other home cooks, we cook from YouTube videos and or recipe book. However, I have never been to and culinary school, and basic knowledge is always lacking.

This book talks about the basis, all four types of sauces, syrup, spread, etc. It discusses basic gardening for day to day vegetables and fruit (I am an amateur gardener).

This is a perfect book for anyone who wants to learn basic concepts of cooking and simple recipes.

The only thing I felt is the book should have included some pictures. If there were pictures with every chapter, recipe, the book would have been much better. 


About the Author

Mona Biberecke is a passionate mother and cook and has been interested in cooking and food since childhood. Even her grandmothers and her mother were passionate about preserving fans and Mona Biberecke has now incorporated these decades of experience into her debut work.
Professionally, she has been in the kitchen for over 10 years and provides her guests with the best regional dishes - even preserves are on her menu. In numerous cooking courses, she passes on her concentrated knowledge to hungry, inquisitive people.

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