13 March 2021

The Long Road Home by Sapna Bhog


Losing the boy she loved nearly destroyed MEHAK KHANNA. But letting him in a second time can be more dangerous for her. Rishi Sehgal has left a steady stream of broken hearts in his wake and if Mehak is not careful then she may just end up becoming the next victim of his dashing charisma. But Rishi is everywhere with his charm, his wit, and that devastating smile. Now Mehak has to fight a daily battle to not fall for him again.
RISHI SEHGAL has never forgotten Mehak, the girl who broke his heart when he was very young. Thanks to her, he has his rules—no relationships, no staying the night, and no promises. But all his hard rules fly right out of the window when Mehak returns into his life. Now Rishi has to decide if he can open his heart to Mehak a second time. 
Some things, however, are written in the stars and sometimes you have to move beyond the past and choose to believe in love.
However, what destroyed their relationship the first time will once again test their love. Will they survive a second test, especially with Mehak’s life on the line? Will Rishi and Mehak learn that true love is worth fighting for?
Find out more in this tale of young love and second chances.

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Rishi kept his eyes on the road, all the while listening to Mehak talk to his dog. And Xan, as usual, was basking under her attention. He kept whining to be pet more and he dug his nose in her hand after she scratched him behind his ears. 
The damn dog was really spoilt.
Finally, Mehak swung around to face him.
“So where are we off to?” she asked. 
“There’s this lovely beach shack that serves the most amazing sea food. I think you’d like it. It’s far though, an hour’s ride at least.”
“Okay then.” Mehak scrambled to find the button to adjust her seat and pushed it behind to fold her legs into her lap. Her soft scent whispered in the air around them, playing havoc with his senses. 
“So, tell me something about you?” she asked, fidgeting with the music panel. He handed her his phone and she immediately went to his music app tapping on it.
“What do you want to know?” he asked, fixing his sunglasses on his nose.
“It’s been years. I’m sure a lot has changed with you.”
The music of One Republic’s latest album filled the car. He glanced at her for a moment. 
“Not everything has changed. But, ask whatever you want. I’ll answer as long as you answer the same question too. The deal is that we have to be absolutely honest.”
She nodded. “Let’s start with something simple. Tea or coffee?”
He made a face. “I think we went on enough coffee dates in the past for you to know the answer to that.”
“Coffee, then.” She smiled.
“Of course, black and no sugar. No change there. I suppose yours is the same awful milky, sugary concoction you used to have when we were younger?”
She smacked his arm. “Hey, it’s not awful.”
“It’s just an overdose of calories with no coffee flavor.”
He remembered all too well how she used to always have this sweet coffee and how he used to tease her about it. Truly some things didn’t change.
“Let’s agree to disagree,” Mehak declared, making a face at him. “Favorite city and why?”
“Florence. I love it. It’s so timeless. It has mesmerizing views, the Tuscan countryside is so beautiful and the food is just amazing. Yours?”
Rishi raised a brow. “Really?”
“Yeah. We went there for my stepfather’s birthday many years ago. It has this vibe of old tradition mixed with new. I can’t tell you how amazing it is. You have to see it to believe it.”
“Wow. I’ll put that on my bucket list.”
 “You must,” Mehak said. “Favorite food?”
“Pizza, cold, straight from the fridge.”
Her gaze snapped to him. “Are you serious? Because that’s gross.”
Rishi laughed at her horrified expression. “No, it isn’t. You ought to try it sometime.”
“Ugh, no. I’ll pass. Mine’s seafood by the way.”
“I know. I remember.”
“You remember?” She gasped.
“Yeah, I remember everything about you. That’s why I chose this restaurant. It serves amazing sea food.”
After several seconds, he sneaked a peek at her and found her watching him silently. 
“You’ve gone awfully quiet,” he said.
“Um, yeah,” she shook her head, “Anyway, favorite…”
“No, my turn. Tattoo?”
She shuddered. “None! I’m scared of needles. You?”
“Yes, one.”
“Really?” She clutched his arm, turning it this way and that. “Where? Show me.”
When she leaned forward to touch his other arm, he moved it away from her. “Stop looking for it. It’s nowhere visible.”
When he glanced at her, she wriggled her eyebrows. “Where? Tell me.”
He flicked her ear hoop with a finger. “Look at you, so curious. You’ll get to see it, if you’re lucky.”
She rolled her eyes. “Yeah, yeah. Big words.”

About the Author:
Sapna Bhog is an author from India who writes contemporary and historical romance novels. As a self-proclaimed die-hard romantic, her books are filled with swoon-worthy heroes and feisty heroines who clash all the time, but do get their happy ever after. Sapna has always surrounded herself with books and when she is not writing she is reading. Originally from Dubai, she now lives in Western India with her husband, kids and a Siberian Husky. Sapna gave up a successful IT career and took a foray into writing and has never looked back since. Her favourite pastimes are reading, writing, traveling and shopping—not necessarily in that order. She loves to hear from readers. So do give her a shout on

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