13 April 2022

#BookReview Becoming Mrs. Kumar by Heather Saville Gupta

About The Book

Julia Robinson’s bored. Her job at a top London ad agency is starting to feel a bit same-ish, more importantly, everyone but her seems to be paired off in cozy twosomes. Julia wants to shake things up—and to the horror of friends and family jumps at the chance of a new job in Mumbai.

Will she be able to navigate the potholes in the street, the glitzy nightlife of exclusive clubs and expensive cocktails, and the customs and traditions of a whole new world to find her way to Mr. Right?

My Thoughts

One of my friend who is book obsessed just gave the book to me from her collection. This is very suspicious as I know for sure she is super protective about her books.

I took the book and took me about 1 month to finish this book. It was like I don’t want to read it and I was bored so end up reading one or two pages.

Oooh God! I don’t want to sound rude, but this book is so dammed boring. I can understand the passion to share one’s love story with the world, but this book is uninteresting.

Apart from the boring part, this book also has the same cliché stereotype of how foreigners view India.

Overall, it is a disappointment.

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About the Author

Heather Saville Gupta worked in London's top advertising agencies before fleeing England for a backpacking trip in 2000. She was seduced by the thrill of Asia and took up an advertising job in Bangkok before moving to India. She now lives in Mumbai with her husband and two children. 

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