22 June 2022

#BookReview Breaking Free by Neha Nayak

About The Book

The book, ‘Breaking Free’ is a contemporary novel that revolves around a young girl who faces the bitter truths of life and accepts it as her fate, whilst still mustering the courage to fall in love once again.

Standing at the crossroads again, she takes another bold decision to marry Ranbir. Will this finally bring happiness in her life? Noya doesn’t know much about his past of Ranbir as they've just recently met. Will this come back to haunt her later on? Is this another trap? A gripping tale of love, respect, and hope, the novel answers all these questions.

My Thoughts

Though the premise of the book looks pretty intense, it is rather a fairly simple book. What is really mean by this is to make you understand the true nature of life in a subtle way.

This is the first book by Neha Nayak and it is definitely is a genuine effort from the author. She tried to capture a wide range of emotions and did it in a sincere manner.

The language is simple and the writing style is lucid. This is a really good book for readers who like to read romantic stories. The book is definitely, a one-time read.

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About the Author

Neha Nayak, is a dreamer, storyteller, writer, speaker, and also an engineer. Currently, she works as a senior quality assurance manager in a prominent organization. She loves to engage her time in reading, travelling, watching movies, working for social causes and dreaming. She believes when you dream and do what you love, the best follows.

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