10 October 2020

Book Tour: Ellie Parkinson and the Realm of Evil By N.A. Khan

About the Book

Ellie Parkinson, a seemingly ordinary teenage girl is tormented by nightmares about a particular castle since childhood. In the nightmares, she finds herself walking across a pitch-black forest in freezing weather and the nightmare ends after the castle is seen. On reaching her eighteenth birthday, the nightmares become more frequent along with the appearance of a repulsive hooded figure who seems to be following her, and in turn, causes her loved ones to fall into grave peril. Moreover, Ellie discovers miraculous abilities and powers which she utilizes in an attempt to protect her loved ones against the forces of evil. Eventually, she goes on a road trip with her friends, Alex, Judy, and Matt to a forest, where the castle that has been appearing in her nightmares nearly her whole life emerges. Upon entering the creepy place, she unravels dark and groovy secrets about the place which provide her with a link to the nightmares, the hooded creature as well as her horrifying past.

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Book Excerpts

“What’s the news?” inquired the first witch, in a soft and silky tone, raising her hood to reveal a face of utmost glamour and youth.
“The best of a kind,” the other responded in a typical girlish voice, smiling widely, unveiling her hood. “The prophecy has come true indeed, of a mortal offspring being born at the full moon, bringing with it the promise of eternal youth and beauty for us, which would assuredly lead to a graceful end to all our hunts in search of youthful souls and make us retain our immortality forever,” she announced, in a sort of horrifying bliss.

I walked across the dense forest, the unusually ruthless wind piercing my throat and my legs felt numb, as though they hadn’t moved in ages. The moonlight guided me towards a path I was magnetically attracted to. With absolutely no idea in the world where I was heading, I was merely a puppet in motion, whose strings were controlled by an unknown force.

Time seemed to have just halted, and I felt I had traveled a million miles across the forest when suddenly a luminous ray of light punctured through the moonlight filled darkness. I pushed aside the leafy branch of a tree and viewed on the ground at the edge of the forest, the enormous silhouette of an intimidating castle and heard a blood-curdling cackle.   

Author Introduction

N.A. KHAN is an Author, Entrepreneur, Life Coach, and Motivational Speaker. He was born in the Indian city of Hyderabad but brought up in the UAE in the city of Sharjah. He is also a sportsman and an avid reader of mystery, thriller, and self-improvement books. He lives by his quote: 'Passion is a lamp, which, if held firmly, can guide the wanderer across the darkest of deserts.'

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