11 October 2020


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Faith can move mountains. If you chose to have faith in the content of the book and practice it in daily life, it can literally save your life, like it did to mine. If you observe around, some people are living a happy and successful life while others live in constant misery and we come to the conclusion that they are lucky and we aren’t. . What if I say that it isn’t true? By reading this book you will know the secret behind this partiality of the universe. This book takes you on a journey towards self-discovery and gives you the keys necessary to live a fulfilling life. When you feel that nobody cares, do know that we live in a friendly universe and there is are a person like you and me, who cares. Together lets spread our light and make this world heaven that we dream of and it’s possible if we believe so.

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About the Author Ms. Greeshma 

Greeshma is born in god's own country –Kerala and currently resides in the garden city Bangalore. She is a teacher by profession who possesses an immense interest in art and literature. Writing is a passion that she dusted out during the toughest phase of her life. She is fascinated by the intense feelings and emotions of humans and tries to capture it and make it immortal with the help of words in the form of poems and short stories. She is on her way towards self-development and intent to share the knowledge; she gained through her self-development books. She feels deeply for the people living in the darkness and aspires to motivate them to see the beauty of life again.

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