23 March 2022

#BookReview The Rozabal Line by Mr. Ashwin Sanghi

 About The Book

The Rozabal Line written by Mr. Ashwin Sanghi is a theological thriller fiction book. The main storyline showcases a cult of visionaries who believe that Jesus escaped #crucifixion and lived somewhere in #Kashmir, #India.

The main characters are the story are an American priest, Father Vincent Morgan, who receives visions of Jesus' crucifixion simultaneously getting dreams of the life he might have lived in the past. A lady finds a box in the library in the place where Mahabharata books were supposed to be kept. And a Hindu astrologer spots approaching conjunction of the stars and nods to himself in the grim realization of the end of the world.

My Thoughts

I am a sucker for thrillers, be it #books, #movies, or TV shows. However, I am not such a big fan of theological fiction.

I have heard a lot about how good Mr. Ashwin Sanghi writes, therefore picked up this book. The storyline is very strong, with a lot of references, which makes it easier to understand. It is very much evident that Mr. Sanghi did a lot of research for this book, and in this perspective, it is a tight-knit book.

The main issue of the book is, there are too, too many characters. There are times it seems like more character and less story. That’s makes it unnecessarily complex and super confusing.

If one can ignore this, it is definitely an engaging read.

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About the Author

Ashwin Sanghi ranks among India’s highest-selling English fiction authors. He has written several bestsellers (The Rozabal Line, Chanakya’s Chant, The Krishna Key, The Sialkot Saga, Keepers of the Kalachakra) and two New York Times bestselling crime thrillers with James Patterson, Private India, and Private Delhi. 

He has also co-authored several non-fiction titles in the 13 Steps series on Luck, Wealth, Marks, Health, and Parenting. 

Ashwin has been included by Forbes India in their Celebrity 100. He is a winner of the Crossword Popular Choice Award 2012, Atta Galatta Popular Choice Award 2018, WBR Iconic Achievers Award 2018, and the Lit-O-Fest Literature Legend Award 2018. 

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