30 March 2022

#BookReview A Vintage Tale by Malvika Mishra

About The Book

Set in the early and mid-nineteenth century this tale provides a perfect backdrop for a classic Victorian Romance only in this case the settings are not in London or in the English countryside but in British India and the stakes are high.

Amrita, and her chance encounter with a stranger, who came from the world yonder, took her on an incredible journey into the past. Her story was also about the very people who immortalized love through moving epitaphs.

My Thoughts

The story is about our protagonist Amrita, and her search for the true meaning of love. The story depicts love in its most vulnerable form.

This is historical fiction and one of the most important things in Historical Fiction is to describe the period accurately. The author is very much successful in this aspect. Without giving any spoiler, I can surely say that she painted an accurate picture of both the period with her words, and the reader can actually have a figurine of the period.

In one particular paragraph, the author narrates the part of a very painful experience in Amrita’s life and that is s brilliantly explained, I was actually in that room viewing Amrita in her most vulnerable time.

Our protagonist Amrita is a well-painted picture with various shades of color, who dares to question her choices, has the courage to be vulnerable, and most importantly, has the mightiness to look for answers instead of giving up.

The book cover is very accurately giving the vibe of the story, A Vintage love story.

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About the Author

Malvika Mishra completed a Fiction Writing workshop at the Princeton Adult School in 2016. She had been invested in writing her debut novel for the last four and a half years. Meanwhile, she has been published online on prestigious writing platforms like Juggernaut and Readomania. Her collection of short stories called “Tales From Kashi” is available on Amazon. 

As a writer Malvika blends in modern sensibilities with traditional storytelling formats, thus exploring literary fiction with a fresh perspective. 

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